City In The Sand

$8.99 – $16.99

Lynn Williams is a sixty-five year woman who has been widowed for five years, has two adult children living in Ohio and New York, and lives on the beach in a condo in Fripp Island South Carolina. One day while walking back to her condo from the local market, she’s almost hit by a car. A very attractive young man named Akin who is 6’7 and about 35 years old saves her life. Then strange things start happening to her.

The Lost Years

$8.99 – $16.99

For everyone who has read my first book, “A City in the Sand.” The second book “The Lost Years” takes place 2,000 prior in the city of Kush where Amanitore ruled as the queen and the brothers were both in love with her.

The Beginning

$8.99 – $16.99

The third and final book in my “A City in the Sand” series. The story of Akin and Akil’s parents, Abubakar, the captain of the Kush Army, and the Goddess Hathor. A story of discovery, kindness, love, and war and how it all began. Aminitore comes into the lives of the twins, Akin and Akill and what that will mean for the kingdom of Kush.

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